Prologic Automation is the leading supplier of SESAMO Automatic Door Operators, Parts and Accessories! We make sure you are able to start your day, welcomed by fast-reacting, user-friendly and virtually self-sufficient automatic doors.

We stock a massive range of pedestrian automatic doors and accessories – from swing door operators and kits to sliding doors.

First, SESAMO Proswing & Swingo automatic swing door operators are very practical and economical than many people consider them to be. Triggered by incoming user or object, automatic doors open and closes again after the user has passed through the
door. They close securely, thereby avoiding expensive heat and air conditioning from escaping through open areas. Swing doors increase convenience and provide barrier-free access for the disabled.

On the other hand, SESAMO Dualcore automatic sliding door system provides exceptional performance and offer a wide range of innovative options to meet the needs of all environments. From hospital entrances to 24/7 retail outlets; smooth, quiet,
reliable and flexibility in design ensures that the SESAMO Dualcore Automatic Sliding Door system will suit any application.

Convenient. Easily accessible for EVERYONE. Safe. Self-Sufficient. Environmentally-friendly. Fast-reacting. Say it and automatic doors got it for you. Doors need to open something better for you every time. So, look forward to success with Access
Control System.