Prologic Automation is the leading supplier of SESAMO Automatic Door Operators, Parts and Accessories in London, wanting to help start your day welcomed by fast-reacting, user-friendly, easy-access and virtually self-sufficient automatic doors.

Prologic Automation offers on the best with SESAMO Automatic Doors because you deserve better. With our massive range of pedestrian automatic doors and accessories, entering or leaving establishments has never been easy and graceful!

We share your daily struggle with heavy manual doors that often aggravates you and ruins your day. Who would want to pick up tons of fallen papers only because the door got stuck and required so much effort to open? Who would want to get their suits stained by coffee or smoothies only because the door is heavy yet your hands are full? Not you, of course!

Thus, we, at Prologic Automation, see to it that doors are about convenience and safety. We make sure that you enter your day uncomplicated and troubles-free with the world’s trusted SESAMO Automatic Doors.

Your “Oh-So Confident Entrance” that puts anyone who sees your being to trance is just a click away with Prologic Automation!